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    Laravel 8 Validation for: Form Request, API, Dynamic URL

    In Laravel 8, you can use form request classes to handle validation for yo application. Form request classes allow you to centralize your validation logic and keep it separate from […]

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    Replace string in entire database

    Bash on Linux. Dump database to text file mysqldump -u user -p databasename > ./db.sql Run sed command to find/replace target string sed -i ‘s/oldString/newString/g’ ./db.sql Reload the database into […]

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    WordPress add admin bar button

    How to add buttons to your Admin Toolbar? There are two ways you can do that: using a plugin, or using code.| We’ll go over the second way below. function […]

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    Stop Update in Windows 10

    To block the upgrade by using Computer Configuration, follow these steps: Computer configuration, policies, Administrative templates, Windows Components, Windows Update, in the right pane choose “Configure automatic updates” to disabled.

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    Input onblur/onfocus event with Javascript

    In acest articol am adaugat un script banal dar util pe care niciodata nu il gasesc gata scris cand am nevoie de el, desi l-am folosit de foarte multe ori. […]

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    ADSL sau CATV?

    Care varianta este mai buna cand alegem o conexiune la internet: ADSL sau cablu? Este o intrebare al carei raspuns difera de la persoana la persoana sau de la companie […]

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    Creaza ringtonuri pentru iPhone

    Creaza ringtonuri pentru iPhone Deschide aplicatia iTunes. Alege o melodie preferata pe care vrei sa il transformi in rington, da click dreaptea pe ea si selecteaza din meniul “Get Info” […]

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    Desktop shadow for text and icon

    Probleme desktop: Daca setam o imagine pe desktop, in spatele textului icoanelor se vede culoare setata ca background. In acelasi caz, cand avem setata o imagine pe desktop, se vede […]